Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scandalous XoXo Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl - the number one source of the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite - is back with new and exciting scandals. 

Could B and Nate be getting back together? 

This weeks episode ended with Chuck finding Nate's jacket at B's house. 

Uh oh Chuck - looks like your competitions back. But who will win this one? Maybe V will come out victorious. 

In next week's episode it looks like Chuck and V will be getting together. But how far will V take it? Is it just about making Nate and B jealous or is there something really there? Hopefully the next episode will have some outcomes because I'm curious to see who winds up hurt in these twisted love triangles.

I think V might be the victim this time. It's weird how they portray V as the good girl but when you think about it, V is the only girl on the show to have kissed all three of the leading male roles. Maybe V isn't so innocent after all.

While I am loving the drama, I have to say, I miss S and Lonely Boy - maybe they'll rekindle now that the teachers out of the picture. Only time will tell.


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