Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kara DioGuardi CAN'T Count

She has SIX words for us: "One of the best performances of the night"

After Adam Lambert sang on "American Idol" tonight, Kara DioGuardi made a statement that has got to be acknowledged immediately.

Okay everybody needs to take two quick seconds and count the words above with me.

I see one . . two . . four . . SIX . . uh oh . . 8 words. That's right, not six but EIGHT words - that is two more than six Kara.

Attention Kara : Learn how to count to ten before you speak on national television.

I just can't believe she said that. I rewound the show like five times, it was shockingly retarded. She can't even blame it on a blond moment - which believe it or not, totally works.

Sorry Kara, that's embarrassing. The only words of wisdom i got for you are - think before you speak.

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