Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who doesn't love money? Frank loves money

Poor Frank - this week's victim of eviction on I Love Money 2.

I don't know about you, but I thought he really might win it this season.

It's normal to root for the underdog - so Frank is not the obvious fan favorite - but on this season, the underdogs are a bunch of wussies. Is there anyone in the world that likes Tailor Made - honestly the nicest way to put it is, he's a LOSER.

I found this interview of Frank "the entertainer" Maresca on vh1 blog. It was worth watching - they touch on topics like karma (which I strongly believe in). 

In the clip, it was hilarious how he compared Prancer to Benedict Arnold. Really - who does that? That comment made him sound much smarter than the show portrayed him, but you got to be pretty dumb to still be stuck in your parents bedroom at 37-years-old. You can really hear the pain in his voice when he says he's still living in his parents basement.

He says in the interview that he "doesn't hate anybody not even Tailor Made" but I'm going to call his bluff on that one because they are the reason he still lives in his parents house. Thanks for the "entertainment" and better luck next time Frank.

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