Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interview with Grey's Anatomy addict

I interviewed a fellow Grey's Anatomy addict, Steph Sanders ,the creator of the Facebook group - Greys Anatomy and Twilight Obsession. I wanted to interview this particular obsessed fan because she doesn't have Tivo but somehow has never missed an episode which is true commitment.

Do you get together with someone to watch every week?

Me and my mum watch it every week without fail, she's not as addicted to it as me, but she's "my person".

What are some of your other favorite shows?

Desperate Housewives, House and Crossing Jordan.

Mere and Dere together forever? What's your take on their relationship?

I think they will last, they seem to have this connection and bond which to me means they will last - have children and finally get married!!

Whose your favorite character (past or present) and why?

I really have two favorite characters. The first one is Callie - she is just like me he he and I can relate to her better than i can all the other characters and for some reason I would love just to be like her. The second one is Erica - my god she was awesome and Ballsy which I wasn't till I saw what it can do for you. I think I have just learned from these two - Really miss Erica though!

What is it about Grey's that you love so much? What is it that keeps you coming back for more?

I love the show and the stories that are in it. It's amazing and it captivates me. I also wish I could be like that one day as everything seems perfect and would be amazing if I could, and it focus's on problems that a lot of people go through and how to kinda say to yourself "wow, I can get through this".

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