Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fabulous 'Beer Pong' Molly vs. Sweet, Sincere 'Cheerleader' Melissa

I interviewed a fellow television addict, Sara McIntosh, the creator of "The Bachelor" Facebook group.
The popular group currently has almost 400 members. As an obsessed fan, whose never missed an episode, and with this season's shocking ending, she was not shy about her opinion of the distasteful conclusion.

When did you start "The Bachelor" group and why?
I started this group like right before the season premiere this season (with
Jason). I started it because I know there was a small group of us that would
like to gossip about what happened. The group started out with just my
mother-in-law and me, then a few of our friends and family joined, and now
there's over 100 people! I couldn't believe that!

Whose your favorite girl this season and favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette (past or present) and why?
I loved Stephanie! I think any man would be lucky to have her. Stephanie and
Melissa were my favorites from the start. As far as Bachelor/Bachelorette, I'd
have to say Jason is my favorite. It must be a 'parental' thing - I love seeing
him with Ty and its the first time I felt the Bachelor/Bachelorette was really a
genuine person.

Do you think the show is scripted at all? Do you think they manipulate the viewers by what they show us?
Umm... sometimes I actually do think it is scripted. I don't think a lot of it
is like 'word for word' scripted, but I think that they might tell them what to
do/talk about to make for good TV. Sometimes manipulation can go on such as
trying to make us think one thing, when it's actually something else. Not
necessarily a bad thing though.

Have you heard about this seasons conspiracy theory? If so, how do you feel about it and do you believe it?
If what you mean by the "conspiracy theory" is that he proposes to Melissa,
breaks up, then goes to Molly, I do kind of believe it. It seems like something
is up anyways since there is supposedly a dramatic, intimate ending previewed.
If it is really true - I will NOT be happy! I just really don't care for Molly
and would be upset if he ended up with her :-)

Your opinions on the finale and after the final rose episode?
I can't believe Jason's choice. I wish the show would have ended at 9:00 -
it was perfect! I can't believe he dumped her on TV - I was totally behind
Melissa all the way last night! Every point she had made perfect sense, you
don't just get up and leave every time something feels 'a little different.'
Everyone would be broken up and divorced if that was the case!

He already said goodbye to Molly and he wasn't willing to fight for
Melissa's relationship. Melissa made sense and Jason on the other hand was all
in lala land about "oh i wish i had control over my heart and head' which in my
opinion sounds like crap to me. I don't think Molly is the right choice - I
can't believe he'd want fabulous 'beer pong' Molly over sweet, sincere Melissa.
Molly never even seemed like she was there for the right reasons - it was always
"I want to be here!" as if it was just a competition vs Melissa "I am in love
with you and want to spend my life with you." I feel so bad for Melissa! She
should be the Bachelorette! I am kind of disappointed - I am not sure if I will
be watching future episodes.

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