Monday, March 9, 2009

Everybody scream it loud - I love TV and I am Proud

I was searching the web when I stumbled upon a quiz to determine if you are addicted to television. 

I recommend everyone takes this quiz and is proud if the results say you're a television addict. 

I just took it and it confirmed that I am a television addict - big surprise! The results page said I have some "serious addiction issues." Listen here buddy, the only one with any issues here is you.

I love television and I admit it. I do not have issues and just because someone likes television does not mean we are going to fall for every infomercial type website thrown at us. 

I am here to tell all you televisions addicts out there - it is okay! You do not have a problem and being addicted to television is NOT bad thing. For everyone out there who wants to help us poor television addicts, all we have to say is - Thank you very much but NO thank you.

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