Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kyle XY Series Finale Leaves Us Hanging

I remember when "Kyle XY" began. 

It premiered at the end of the June of 2006. "Kyle XY" had all the makings of a great show - innocence, discovery, childhood, combat, heartbreak, secrets, disappointment, betrayal, friendship, a complicated story line, drama, mystery, love, family, death, good vs. evil and of course a H-O-T main character.

HOT may be an understatement with Matt Dallas who played the main character - Kyle. With or without a belly button, this guy was red-hot and I would have loved to see all those clones of Kyle in the series finale. Can you say - dream come true.

There was nothing this show was missing so I knew it would be a hit. This is why I was so shocked to hear that ABC Family had decided to cancel the show with it's third season.

Fans were expecting a lot of answers that were not given with the series finale. 

With so many unanswered questions, it seems to me like a cliffhanger ending might have been written when a fourth season was still expected.

I just can't believe the writers would chose to leave us hanging like that. 

When you love a show and stay committed for three season's you expect the ending to do it justice. The series finale of "Kyle XY" unfortunately did not do the series justice and as a fan, I was very disappointed.

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  1. TV stars without belly buttons. I Dream of Jeannie comes full circle.