Sunday, April 5, 2009

ER's Big Goodbye

"ER" came to an end after 15-years on NBC Thursday night. 

The best way to end a show is the go back to the beginning which I think the writers of ER successfully accomplished. 

In the last season, character's from the past began to reappear. From George Clooney to Noah Wyle - all of the shows most famous characters came back for their final moments in Chicago's County General. 

With heart-throbs like John Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis in Full House, this show was a clear success. 

It's always hard to see a show end - to say goodbye to people you've been able to count on for 15-years. But the end of one shows time in the spotlight means the beginning of anothers opportunity. 

While Grey's Anatomy is no ER - its got some of the key ingredients for a successful show and I believe Grey's is as close as television will ever get to another ER. 

In my opinion, the test of a truly great show is if it can impact someones life. I believe ER is one of those shows that educates people on topics that aren't always socially acceptable to discuss. 

I spoke to a pre-med student in his sophomore year at University of Maryland who was an avid fan of ER his whole life. "Watching ER and Dr. Carter, I decided at a young age that I wanted to become a doctor and change - hopefully save lives," said Adam Porto. I am sure Porto is only one of many whose lives were affected by this show.

ER's two-hour season finale had a shocking cameo appearance by Alexis Bledel. This small town girl next door star from "Gilmore Girls" played the last new character on ER, Dr. Wise. As a personal fan of Bledel, I really enjoyed her as the last addition to one of television's first major medical dramas.

For all you ER fans out there who want to reminisce after seeing the end of an era - check out the Top 5 ER Moments on I remember each moment perfectly and it must have been hard to pick just 5 after so many years of GREAT moments.

And now, as hard as it is for me to say - Goodbye ER.

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