Sunday, April 5, 2009

GREEK Returns

GREEK is back with it's second season. 

With good guys and bad guys, scandals and relationships - there is nothing this show does not have. 

I am a huge fan obviously but I do have one problem with this show. It's grip on reality and they way it portrays greek life is not exactly accurate. 

As a member of a sorority I can speak from first hand experience when I say - GREEK on ABC Family is not an honest portrayl of greek life in college. While the struggles they face through college are certainly accurate, the way the greek life system works was not.

I spoke with a member of a sorority on University of Massacusetts campus about the show. 

"I personally love the show, me and my sisters watch it together every week but our nationals did not feel as comfortable with the show. I know for a fact that my sororities nationals along with a few others wrote letters and went out of their way to try and get GREEK cancelled. They thought it was giving greek life a bad rep," said Rebecca Goldberg. 

Thankfully, her sorority and the others were unsuccessful. Television always has some truth from it but everyone knows it is television and ultimately fiction - so the shows mean no harm and therefore should not be taken so seriously.

Take it with a grain of salt and don't judge what you are not a part of.

With hot guys and girls, GREEK is back and hopefully here to stay a while. 

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