Thursday, April 9, 2009

Harper's Island

Harper's Island premiered tonight on CBS

The series is about a wedding party on an isolated island whose members are killed off one by one.

They didn't waste anytime - the first character was killed off only seven minutes into the show. 

It's a twist on Clue with the mystery of deaths. It's like watching a scary movie piece by piece. 

It is something new, that I haven't seen before. 

It has extremely hot actors plus love, mystery, fear, happiness, money, friendship, betrayal, relationships, family - basically it has everything needed for a great show. 

As great a show as it is, the bad part about a show like this is soon enough it will be over.

Realistically as people quickly die off - the show must die off as well. 

Upsetting I know but as a viewer, knowing there will be answers in the end keeps me watching. 

The story line is really thorough and turning a wedding into a murder - two opposite things do attract.

If you love scary movies - you will love this show. Trust me.

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