Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Answer THE PHONE at Your Own Risk

"The Phone" is a new exciting show that premiered on MTV tonight. 

It's like you are in a Shila Labeouf movie or playing a real life video game. 

It's a crazy show where two strangers have to work together to team up against two other strangers. 

They have to complete insane tasks given over the phone in order to win a sum of money. 

The teams believe that they are winning the money as a team but the twist is in the end, one teammate gets to decide if they would like to keep all the money or share it with their partner in crime (who keep in mind was a stranger before this experience).

I think this show keeps you on the edge of your seat. Since my biggest fear is insects and I do not see them thus far on the show, I would complete any task thrown at me so I am going to apply for the show.

If you want to be in your own real life action movie go to facebook.com/thephone and sign up - you never know, you never know what they could have you do next.

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