Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cannot Vivo without Tivo

This is my dedication to my favorite invention - Tivo. For those of you who don't know, the device was created by TiVo, Inc., a company started by veterans of Silicon Graphics and Time Warner's Full Service Network digital video system. The founders were Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton. For all the television addicts out there, lets take a moment and thank God, Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton for Tivo.

What did we do before Tivo? Unfortunately, I remember. We taped our shows with those lovely VHS tapes and if you only had one recorder, you could only tape one show. With our busy lives and busy schedules, it is hard to stay committed to the numerous shows we are obsessed with. Tivo makes it possible.

All those annoying commercials that make us wait to see what happens next on our shows. Tivo made sure we don't have to suffer through those agonizing few minutes anymore. Tivo recently evaluated the ratings of commercials and thanks to them its not looking good for those advertisers. With the invention of Tivo, every advertisement is susceptible to fast forwarding. It is a rare occasion that I actually stop on a commercial when I am fast forwarding. The only times I do stop are when something seriously catches my eye (which takes a lot) and when they are advertising the season premiere of one of my many shows.

When it comes down to it, the world, or at least my world is a better place because of Tivo.

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