Monday, February 23, 2009

Bachelor Spoiler Alert or False Speculation? We shall see . . .

So, the big question on my mind right now is, can I trust that Reality Steve is speaking the truth or does he have my panties in a bunch for nothing?

First of all Reality Steve is a guy who claims to have a lot of connections with people behind the scenes of our favorite reality television shows, including "The Bachelor". He recently posted three videos of himself where he tells his viewers the juiciest spoiler I've heard in a long time.

*STOP reading now and continue after you finish watching this season of "The Bachelor" if you don't want to know the possible reality of the outcome*

Now that you've been fairly warned, if you chose to continue, it is at your own risk.

Reality Steve tells us, in his videos under his post titled "The Truth", that Jason and Melissa get engaged on the Finale but Jason shockingly breaks up with Melissa on live television when everyone comes back for the "After the Final Rose" show and then gets back together with Molly, the girl he supposedly dumps on the Finale. Okay, take a breath, I know that was a lot to swallow but that's not even the biggest shocker.

Okay, are you ready? Our Jason, the single father we all know and love, the "good" guy was approached by the producers with this plan and agreed to go along with it and knowingly hurt and humiliated Melissa. Now, this may not be true, but this is all according to Reality Steve.

I want to believe as much as you do that Jason wouldn't do this, he wouldn't be that cruel and cold-hearted to a sweet and innocent girl, Melissa. But, how well do we know Jason? We only know what the producers chose to show us. This is a sad truth but at this point, I don't know what to believe.

All I can say is, if the producers really played this inhumane trick on Melissa, they better be making her the next Bachelorette! Now let's all watch the Finale and the "After the Final Rose" and then we'll all see about Reality Steve's theory. While we wait these long dreaded two weeks, let me know what you think about Reality Steve's theories and if you have any of your own.

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