Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LOST in Maryland with Locke

Little old me was sitting in Miss Shirley's Cafe on Cold Spring Lane the other day enjoying the best breakfast I've found in Baltimore thus far, when all of the sudden Terry O'Quinn also known as John Locke from "Lost" strolls on in.

Yes I mean the John Locke who recently died to save the island. Of course I tried to talk to him or at least get an autograph but he was not having it.

I was really surprised by how different he looks in person. The show makes him appear to be a lot older and less buff which does not do him justice.

A reliable source of mine tells me he is a frequent customer there. I can personally say I will be going there all the time now, not only to eat some great food but also hoping to run into him again.

I wanted to fill you all in so all of my fellow "Lost" obsessors out there know a spot where there's a great possibility of running into the man in the wheel chair who magically walked when oceanic flight 815 crashed on the island.

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