Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Young Mother, One Welder, One widow, One Ex-con, Four wacky judges and a Partridge in a pear tree

"American Idol" has graced us with it's presence once again. Every year the competition seems to get stiffer and this year is no different. Season 8 kicked off with more talent than ever before. Last night on "American Idol", the four judges (including the newest, Kara DioGuardi) narrowed it down to 36 contestants, letting go some truly talented people.

There are many reasons this show it so great, one being the emotional attachment we (the viewers) develop with the contestants. Last night one of my favorite girls got kicked off, Frankie. I was upset to say the least but I am hoping to see her next season.

Another great thing about this show is how it gives opportunities to people who otherwise would probably never have that door opened. There are many people in this season's top 36 who are great examples of that. From young mother's to welder's, this season has it all. And I mean, has it all - including one ex-con. Careful what you say to this one Simon.

With tremendous talent and inspirational stories, I don't know how this season will turn out but the one thing we do know is, it will create a star!

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