Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Tough Love

The season finale of the first season of "Tough Love" aired last night. 

The great thing about this Vh1 show is there is a woman on the show for every girl to relate to. 

I personally most relate to Jessa's situation. Steve Ward said she changes who she is for every guy she meets and she has control issues. It is like Steve diagnosed me. 

While watching the show and not personally experiencing it - you can still learn all the lessons to help in your life. 

These women were all so different and through boot camp they bonded and you feel like you've bonded with them from watching their personal life unfold on the television.

I thought this show was brilliant and honestly I think I like this show more than "Millionaire Matchmaker" on Bravo. This guy is hot and I would much rather stare at him than Patti - no offense girl.

If anyone knows someone unlucky in love they should go to this website to sign up for the next season of Tough Love. 

I prefer to be the viewer and learn from their mistakes and not broadcast mine but if you are braver than me - you should totally do it. 

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