Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The I Love Money 2 Winner is . . .

The season finale of "I love money 2" aired tonight on Vh1

The final five contestants - Tailor Made and It from "I Love New York 2", Prancer and Myammee from "Flavor of love 3" and Saaphyri from "Flavor of love 2" - competed for the $250,000 prize.

This time the dead last loser - Saaphyri - was automatically eliminated. Her check was bounced bringing it down to the final four.

Honestly with Myammee as the paymaster - Saaphyri would have went home anyway.

So at this point, Myammee would be an idiot not to send Prancer home. 

Clearly Prancer is the strongest person other than her. If you want to win - you eliminate the actual competition. 

So to say the least, I wasn't surprised when Prancer's check was voided.

And then there were three - Myammee, Tailor Made and It.

Just a side note - is It really that retarded or is he all an act? For a second there I really believed it was all an act. But nope ha ha - It really is that stupid. So now it was really down to the final two.

By this point I wasn't a fan of anyone. However, I was very happy Tailor Made didn't win.

I hope every season doesn't end the exact same - with the winner being another strong woman who dated Flavor Flav.

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