Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comedy via Celebrity Apprentice

Tonight's Celebrity Apprentice was so funny. 

Dramatic of course, because 3 people got fired and we are now down to the final two. But absolutely HILARIOUS - celebrity apprentice has never been so comical.

On a side note, Brande Roderick was much smarter than everyone was giving her credit for. I am really upset that she was semi-portrayed as a dumb blond. It's not her fault she's pretty and she was so funny with her "dumb brunette" comment. Seriously though, hair color has nothing to do with your brain. Bottom line i thought she was hilarious. 

This episode was truly entertaining. Brande with her singing ha ha - it's okay I think I'm tone deaf too girl. 

Joan Rivers cracks me up man - "Quack Quack Splash" ha ha. She had so many funny ideas for Clint and she's just always on - its great. 

So, when Brande gets fired it got down to the final three. The hilarious Joan Rivers, and then these two . . . 

Jesse James, married to Sandra Bullock "one of the most desirable women" and "one of the biggest movie stars" as said on tonight's show by Donald trump.


Annie, the best female poker player in the world whose kind of the devil - i wouldn't say Hitler (Joan ha ha) but she's devilish. She came onto the show so nice and then slowly got scarier and more devilish each episode.

At this point, it's clearly obvious that Jessy James will be fired next because it will get more ratings and be much more entertaining when its down to the rivals. 

And what do you know - Annie Duke and Joan Rivers are the final two. This should be good mwahahahaha (scary laugh?)

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