Monday, May 4, 2009

From Rock of Love to Daisy of Love

Daisy De La Hoya, the “Rock of Love 2” runner-up is the star of this new show.

Seriously they'll give anyone a show these days. New York was living proof of that and now they have "Daisy of Love".

She claims she's looking for a boyfriend - cough bullsh*t cough – more like looking for a music career. Her little performance was semi pathetic. 

Wait a second - is Brett Michaels her boss now? Is he making a profit off her?

Oh wait here comes 20 men plus Riki Rachtman, the dean from Charm School and Rock of Love reunion host.

Ha ha wait maybe this guy is the one making the money off her – he felt bad cause she got beat up real bad by Heather on the Rock of Love 2 Reunion episode. 

These shows are all about promoting yourself and your talents but I got to hand it to them, it keeps me entertained.

Okay lets talk about Daisy for a second - all that plastic surgery not good.

All the looking back is like looking at a before and after but she gets fatter instead of skinnier so it's like instead of a good diet commercial – a good way for girls to get heavier aka uglier is to have your heart broken by a rock star (who is grotesquely old). Sorry Daisy for that burn - she is still pretty though if you don't mind the plastic surgery. 

Daisy is not the only one here to promote herself. 

Hello 12-pack. What is he doing here? 

He claims he is here for a chance with daisy but this repeat reality TV star has a not so trustworthy past. 

Then there's the Triplets - at first I thought they were girls ha ha. They are a band called "Snake of Eden" from Sweden. They were like struggling artists the way they were attacking the fridge.

Why were they eating cold hot dogs? I think they thought they were sausages because they dipped them in tomato sauce. Gross!

They reminded me of Frenchie - a star from two of vh1's reality television shows - with the bleach blond hair and all the captions but there's three lol and they want an orgy? 

Then there was the Brett Michael's look-a-like. Clearly she is not going to chose the Brett Michael's B-team when she's already had the A-team.

Okay so in the first episode it's tradition to do the nicknames - first up NUTS oh wait FLIPPER (anyone else seeing a theme hear?). Just had to mention that.

This show will be entertaining enough for me to keep watching so we'll see how these tool academy loser's do with the fight for Daisy's heart.

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